With hut.ae we aim to create the UAE’s leading online property portal with the largest inventory of property listings in the country, including both properties for sale and to rent in major areas like Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and RAK.

The whole of UAE is sprawling with high rise residential and commercial buildings with a lot of apartments and flats up for sale and available to rent and you can find all of them easily on hut.ae.

On the other hand, interested buyers have to search for properties on multiple portals because there is no one-stop portal that lists all the available properties in one place.

Similarly, we have developed a user-friendly property portal that makes it very easy to upload your own listings to sell or rent out your property online and find tenants or buyers for your real estate in the UAE.

Similarly, buyers using hut.ae get access to our extensive property listings repository which is routinely updated to reflect market changes. In order to facilitate buyers we have developed an internal search engine for our listings along with a dedicated search assistant feature. This means that they can locate their desired property even if it’s not listed on our portal as yet.

Since none of the existing portals offered all the features, ease and benefits the market wants, we developed hut.ae to fill that vacuum as the country’s leading real estate and property portal.

If you are a potential buyer or tenant, we welcome you to Hut.ae and encourage you to search our inventory for your dream property. Likewise, if you are a seller or a landlord you can list your properties for free on Hut.ae and get your house or flat sold or rented out quickly in the UAE. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact us on contact@hut.ae.